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About the owners, Mark & Kristin:

In June of 1981, in Norfolk, Virginia, Kristin Lynn
became the firstborn of proud parents Gary and Pam.
The next month, on the other side of this great nation
in a tiny little town you might have heard referred to as
Los Angeles, Mark Harris was born third to his parents
Conrad and Dianne. They spent the next eighteen years of
their lives oblivious to the existence of the other, until
the time came for them to go to college.

Mark loaded up his car and headed east.

Kristin loaded up her car and headed west.

Onwards to Indiana. The crossroads of America.
Where at last their paths would cross.

After two years spent at Taylor University, in the lovely
and growing city of Fort Wayne, Indiana, Mark visited the
local recruiter and joined the Navy. Kristin just kept on
going to class. Mark went home for a brief break before
heading off to boot camp in Great Lakes, Illinois, north
of Chicago. Kristin just kept on going to class. Mark
completed boot camp and completed various training schools.
And bought an engagement ring. Kristin just kept on going
to class-but now with a big rock on her left-hand ring finger!

In May of 2002, Kristin graduated from Taylor University.

In July of 2002, Mark left Illinois and moved to Virginia
Beach, Virginia, where he joined the crew of the aircraft
carrier USS Harry S Truman.

On August 9, 2002 in Monterey, Tennessee, with friends,
family, and bullfrogs in attendance, Mark and Kristin
said "I do" (to each other!).

For three years, Mark came and went with the Truman,
visiting various international ports of call, while
Kristin stayed at home working and shopping at thrift
stores with Grandma. May 10, 2005 the two became
three with the birth of Chad Harris, by far the cutest
little boy ever born (this is the completely unbiased
opinion of his parents, family, friends, and even complete
strangers who stop him on the street to tell him how
adorable he is.).

In July of 2005 Mark left the crew of the Truman and joined
up with the people onboard the destroyer Forrest Sherman, a
pre-commissioned ship, while it was being built in Pascagoula,
Mississippi. He experienced a first-hand, eyewitness, close-up
view of Hurricane Katrina ripping apart the Gulf Coast.

December 2005 was Chad's first Christmas, where he enjoyed
eating wrapping paper (view the pictures on the CHAD HARRIS page).
Thankfully Mark was able to join Chad and Kristin for the event.

February 2006, Mark returned home only to be told two weeks
later that in one weeks' time he would depart for Bahrain
with the Patrol Coastal Crew Juliet. He proceeded to spend
the next six months patrolling the oil fields off the coast
of Iraq, along with other super-spy things we can't tell you
about here. In the meantime, that three weeks Kristin and
Mark spent together resulted in the birth of Owen Daniel on
November 3, 2006. Owen's life hung in the balance for the
first few weeks of his life as he was diagnosed with Persistent
Pulmonary Hypertension. There's a link to a description of
this illness as well as pictures on his page. We are so thankful
to the Lord for the gift of his life and the skills He gave to
all the doctors and nurses of the Portsmouth Naval Medical Center
NICU staff and to all the people before that who invented the
machines that kept Owen alive.

The next year proceeded without too much excitement. Mark
returned to the Forrest Sherman and Kristin continued working
part-time and adjusting to life with two small kids.

In October 2007 Mark joined the ranks at the Navy Cargo
Handling Battalion-1 (NCHB-1), located in Williamsburg, VA.
He has a truly un-delightful commute each day, but the experience
at this command has let him visit some new and exciting locations.
November of that year was Owen's first birthday! Lots of cake
and celebration!

May 2008 we celebrated Chad's THIRD birthday! The time does fly!

July 2008 Kristin started working in the Aquatics Department
at the Mount Trashmore Family YMCA. She lifeguards and teaches
swim lessons.

Chad started preschool in September, and he absolutely loves it.
See more preschool stuff on his page. Owen can't wait until next
year when he'll be able to go to school, too. Chad grew a bunch
in the summer and is a joy and delight to have around. He's a
great helper and a wonderful big brother. He and Owen are best
friends and although they fight like brothers will do, they are
so close and have a fantastic time playing with each other!

The celebration of Owen's SECOND birthday took place November
2008. He is a beautiful little boy with a smile to melt the
coldest heart. His mind is sharp and his verbal skills are excellent.
And he learns from big brother. This can spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E,
but we love him dearly.

Please send us an E-Mail if you have any suggestions or comments.